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J-Reading has been awarded "Class A" by ANVUR

J-Reading has been awarded "Class A" by National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Academic Research, placing it  at the top of the Italian ranking of Scientific Journals.  
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Vol 2 (2017)

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The International Charter on Geographical Education – a reflection on published research articles on Assessment PDF
Chew-Hung Chang, Muhammad Faisal Aman
Proposals for the development of competences in geography by applying the IGU International Charter PDF
Daniela Pasquinelli d'Allegra
Geography in the reformed educational system in Poland ‒ return to the past or a brand new quality? PDF
Wiktor Osuch
Ocean citizenship. The time to adopt a useful concept for environmental teaching and citizenship education is now PDF
Enrico Squarcina, Valeria Pecorelli
High school commuters. Sustainability education on students’ mobility behaviours and perceptions of their everyday landscape PDF
Margherita Cisani

The language of images (edited by Elisa Bignante and Marco Maggioli)

Intentional Camera Movement: A Multisensory and Mobile Photographic Technique to Investigate the Urban Tourism Experience PDF
Elisa Bruttomesso, Jordi Vic

Mapping societies (edited by Edoardo Boria)

Irredenta on the map: Cesare Battisti and Trentino-Alto Adige cartographies PDF
Matteo Proto

Geographical notes and (practical) considerations

Challenges of Geography in Education. Proposals from the EUROGEO Conference (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2-3 March 2017) PDF
Emanuela Gamberoni

Editor in Chief: Gino De Vecchis (Italy).

Associate Editors: Cristiano Giorda (Italy), Cristiano Pesaresi (Italy), Joseph P. Stoltman (USA), Sirpa Tani (Finland).

Scientific Committee: Eyüp Artvinli (Turkey), Caterina Barilaro (Italy), Giuliano Bellezza (Italy), Tine Béneker (Netherlands), Gabriel Bladh (Sweden), Carlo Blasi (Italy), Clare Brooks (UK), He Canfei (China), Laura Cassi (Italy), Raffaele Cattedra (Italy), Claudio Cerreti (Italy), Chew-Hung Chang (Singapore), Giorgio Chiosso (Italy), Sergio Conti (Italy), Egidio Dansero (Italy), Martin R. Degg (UK), Giuseppe Dematteis (Italy), Karl Donert (UK), Pierpaolo Faggi (Italy), Franco Farinelli (Italy), Maurizio Fea (Italy), Maria Fiori (Italy), Hartwig Haubrich (Germany), Vladimir Kolosov (Russian Federation), John Lidstone (Australia), Svetlana Malkhazova (Russian Federation), Jerry Mitchell (USA), Josè Enrique Novoa-Jerez (Chile), Wiktor Osuch (Poland), Daniela Pasquinelli d’Allegra (Italy), Petros Petsimeris (France), Bruno Ratti (Italy), Roberto Scandone (Italy), Giuseppe Scanu (Italy), Lidia Scarpelli (Italy), Daniela Schmeinck (Germany), Rana P.B. Singh (India), Claudio Smiraglia (Italy),  Michael Solem (USA), Hiroshi Tanabe (Japan), Angelo Turco (Italy), Joop van der Schee (Netherlands), Isa Varraso (Italy), Bruno Vecchio (Italy), Han Zeng Lin (China), Tanga Pierre Zoungrana (Burkina Faso). Secretary of coordination: Marco Maggioli (Italy) and Massimiliano Tabusi (Italy).

Editorial Board: Riccardo Morri (Chief), Sandra Leonardi (Assistant Chief),  Victoria Bailes, Daniela De Vecchis, Diego Gallinelli, Daniele Ietri, Davide Pavia.

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