Geographic Knowledge. Paradigm of Society 5.0


  • Bruno Ratti President of ESRI Italia, Rome, Italy


Thanks to the Digital Revolution, Geographic Knowledge (Geoknowledge) has enhanced its capacity andtechnologies, thus becoming a source of value creation in the ecosystem of knowledge. Through the developmentof ESRI technologies, which allow the integration of WebGIS with Artificial Intelligence, the Internetof Things and aerospace Big Data, the Science of Where is defining new ways of designing and experiencingthe environment and the city. In this initial phase of the Digital Revolution it is essential to affirmthe paradigm of a society, called “Society 5.0”, capable of responding to the challenges of its owntime, balancing economic progress with solutions to social problems. The enabling factor of this paradigmis the Science of Where and the thesis that the Science of Where is the enabling factor of the paradigm thatimplements Society 5.0 is fascinating, but has to be demonstrated. In order to prove this thesis, holistic experimentationis necessary, which involves all the actors present in the theater of society in order to demonstratethe benefits of this philosophy in this field through the exercise of good practices. For this reason,ESRI Italia recently set up a laboratory to conduct experiments at its regional office in Cagliari (Italy). Theexperimentation is scheduled in a project called Sardinia 5.0. The Laboratory is equipped with all the infrastructures,technologies and data necessary for specialists to perform the assessment of the social impact ofexisting initiatives and the construction of scenarios for a possible future.


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Geographical notes and (practical) considerations