Topics on Geography of Transport and Logistics. Introduction


  • Giuseppe Borruso Department of Economics, Business, Mathematics and Statistics, University of Trieste, Trieste, Italy
  • Marco Mazzarino Department of Architecture and Arts, IUAV University of Venice, Venice, Italy
  • Marcello Tadini Department of Economics and Business Studies, University of Eastern Piedmont, Novara, Italy


The Geography of Transport and Logistics represents to-date a research field particularly stimulating, due to the continuous changes and challenges occurring at all the levels of analysis and with important consequences, both local and global. Reorganization of the supply chains, international crisis led by global pandemics and war scenarios are having effects on economic production and distribution and the logistic and transport systems, as the backbones of such process, are challenged constantly. The realm of investigation of geography includes the concept of “relation” and, in particular, relations among places, among human activities and among human activities and places are of paramount importance to understand the changes occurring in time and space, that shape the world as we see it around us. This basic concept of geography is particularly related to movement, as people, goods, data, thoughts, ideas move in time and space, contributing to animate the variety of human landscapes and ways of life in different regions of the world. Movements themselves occur if and when a transport system is involved, as a set of elements that favor such exchange among places and the movement of people, goods, resources, communications, ideas, etc., with ports, in particular, acting as privileged nodes in connecting different scales and with important territorializing effects.


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Topics on Geography of Transport and Logistics ed. by Borruso, Mazzarino, Tadini