J-Reading new and recent initiatives: for research, education and multifaceted collaborations


  • Cristiano Pesaresi Sapienza University of Rome, Rome, Italy


With this number of J-READING we introduce a new initiative that concerns the thematic issues which can be useful to reach the aim of stimulating an in-depth debate on specific themes, phenomena and problems. Such thematic issues have the benefit of providing multifaceted and detailed geographical considerations and analysis on aspects and arguments that catch the attention at national and international level and which are moreover particularly topical, opening up pathways to an interdisciplinary discussion. At the same time, the thematic issues make it possible to overcome a number of problems that generally must be considered when planning whole monothematic volumes for journals awarded “Class A†by the National Agency for the Evaluation of the University System and Academic Research, as for example the possibility of having fewer contributions, with respect to the initial hypothesis, due to the peer review process; moreover, the setback must be added of not publishing papers already submitted and accepted but out of the context of the monothematic volume and therefore subject to a delay in the publication.