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No 2 (2016) 2016 International Charter on Geographical Education Abstract   PDF
International Geographical Union
No 2 (2013) A Geographical issue: the contribution of Citizenship Education to the building of a European citizenship. The case of the VOICEs Comenius network Abstract   PDF
Stefano Malatesta, Jesus Granados Sanchez
Vol 1 (2014) A historical and war cartography for national identity in Eritrea Abstract   PDF
Alessandro Ricci
J-Reading 0-2012 A matter of buildings. Damage to material elements of landscape and uncertainties about the future after the Pianura Padana earthquake (May-June 2012) Abstract   PDF
Gianluca Casagrande
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? A matter of ethics and cartography. The map of the ambassador and the map of the journalist Abstract   PDF
Edoardo Boria
J-Reading 1-2013 A personal journey through the world of GIS, teaching and development of students’ core knowledge Abstract   PDF
Adrian Manning
Vol 1 (2014) A Road Map for 21st Century Geography Education: Geography Education Research [by Bednarz S., Heffron S. and Huynh N.T. (Eds.), Washington, DC, Association of American Geographers, 2013] Abstract   PDF
Fengtao Guo
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? Agriculture and landscape. From cultivated fields to the wilderness, and back Abstract   PDF
Paolo D'Angelo
No 2 (2016) “Defend this little planet called Earth. Human rights and environmental safeguard”, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel. Rome, 6th June 2016 Abstract   PDF
Monica De Filpo
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? “Institutional” vs “everyday” landscape as conflicting concepts in opinions and practices. Reflections and perspectives from a case study in Northeastern Italy Abstract   PDF
Benedetta Castiglioni
No 2 (2014) “Now we need to make Italians”. Semiotics and Semantics in Teaching Cartography Abstract   PDF
Russell Foster
No 2 (2014) Between Krakow 2014 and Moscow 2015 Abstract   PDF
Maria Paradiso
Vol 1 (2014) Building geographical knowledge together: the case of a Geography teaching on line course Abstract   PDF
Lorena Rocca, Cristina Minelle, Francesco Bussi
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? Cagliari’s urban landscape: a commons? Abstract   PDF
Marcello Tanca
Vol 2 (2017) Challenges of Geography in Education. Proposals from the EUROGEO Conference (Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2-3 March 2017) Abstract   PDF
Emanuela Gamberoni
J-Reading 1-2013 Commentary on Participatory Video Abstract   PDF
Jay Mistry
No 1 (2015) Competences and Geography. A meta-cognitive approach Abstract   PDF
Angela Caruso
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? Crisis of landscapes, landscapes of the crisis: notes for a socio-ecological approach Abstract   PDF
Fabio Parascandolo
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? Degrowth as a territorial-landscape project Abstract   PDF
Serge Latouche
No 2 (2015) Didactic Applications of Social Networks – Essays in the 1st cycle in Geography at the University of Porto (UP) Abstract   PDF
Elsa Pacheco, Laura Soares, António Costa, Cristiana Martinha
Vol 1 (2014) Educational landscape and possibilities – Geography education (in the light of a survey) Abstract   PDF
Judit Ütő-Visi
J-Reading 1-2013 Elementary Geography: Objectives and Curriculum Abstract   PDF
H. Barrows, E. Parker, Joseph P. Stoltman
No 2 (2015) English lessons: the changing nature of geography curriculum and assessment in England Abstract   PDF
Alan Kinder
Vol 1 (2018) Esquisse d’une théorie humaniste du lieu Abstract   PDF
Guy Mercier
No 2 (2015) EUGEO Commitment to Geographical Education: from the “Rome Declaration” to the “New International Charter on Geography Education” Abstract   PDF
Massimiliano Tabusi
No 1 (2017) EUGEO workshops (Zara, Croatia, 25-27 September 2016) Abstract   PDF
Dino Gavinelli
No 2 (2014) Exploring Urban Geography in Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities Abstract   PDF
Rickie Sanders, Bogdan Jankowski
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? Foreword Abstract   PDF
Silvia Aru, Fabio Parascandolo, Marcello Tanca, Luca Vargiu
No 1 (2015) Géographie (Emmanuel Kant). La question Kantienne un lieu ou le passage d’une Géographie à l’autre Abstract   PDF
Guy Mercier
Vol 1 (2018) Geographic Knowledge. Paradigm of Society 5.0 Abstract   PDF
Bruno Ratti
J-Reading 0-2012 Geographical education in a changing world Abstract   PDF
Joop van der Schee
No 2 (2015) Geographies of escape. A fact-finding and didactic survey on asylum seekers at the CARA of Castelnuovo di Porto - Rome Abstract
Sandra Leonardi, Flavia Cristaldi, Antonio Tintori
No 2 (2015) Geographies of escape. A fact-finding and didactic survey on asylum seekers at the CARA of Castelnuovo di Porto – Rome Abstract   PDF
Flavia Cristaldi, Sandra Leonardi, Antonio Tintori
No 2 (2015) Geography and disability: a reflection on opportunities offered by teaching geography to dyslexic students Abstract   PDF
Renata Allegri
No 2 (2013) Geography Education in the United States: Initiatives for the 21st Century Abstract   PDF
Joseph Stoltman
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? Geography in Italian Licei Abstract   PDF
Gino De Vecchis
Vol 2 (2017) Geography in the reformed educational system in Poland ‒ return to the past or a brand new quality? Abstract   PDF
Wiktor Osuch
No 2 (2013) GIS in Geography Teaching Abstract   PDF
Margherita Azzari, Paola Zamperlin, Fulvio Landi
J-Reading 1-2013 GIS in school education in Estonia – looking for an holistic approach Abstract   PDF
Juri Roosaare, Ülle Liiber
J-Reading 1-2013 GIS presence in Geography textbooks – a highway to spatial thinking development? Abstract   PDF
Cristiana Martinha
No 2 (2014) GIS4RISKS project. Synergic use of GIS applications for analysing volcanic and seismic risks in the pre and post event Abstract   PDF
Cristiano Pesaresi, Mara Lombardi
No 2 (2015) GIS4RISKS: Geographic Information System for Risk Image – Safety Key. A methodological contribution to optimise the first geodynamic post-event phases and to face emergencies Abstract   PDF
Valerio Baiocchi, Cristiano Pesaresi
Vol 2 (2017) High school commuters. Sustainability education on students’ mobility behaviours and perceptions of their everyday landscape Abstract   PDF
Margherita Cisani
J-Reading 0-2012 Integrate geographic skills with active learning in geography: a case of Turkey Abstract   PDF
Eyüp Artvinli
Vol 2 (2017) Intentional Camera Movement: A Multisensory and Mobile Photographic Technique to Investigate the Urban Tourism Experience Abstract   PDF
Elisa Bruttomesso, Jordi Vic
No 2 (2015) International Year of Global Understanding. An Interview with Benno Werlen Abstract   PDF
Benno Werlen
Vol 2 (2017) Irredenta on the map: Cesare Battisti and Trentino-Alto Adige cartographies Abstract   PDF
Matteo Proto
No 2 (2014) Is family farming educational? The Australian experience Abstract   PDF
Simone Betti, Alessandro Ceccarelli
No 1 (2015) J-Reading has been awarded “Class A” by ANVUR Abstract   PDF
Gino De Vecchis
J-Reading 0-2012 J-Reading is born Abstract   PDF
Gino De Vecchis
Vol 1 (2018) Laboratory as experiment in field learning: An application in a touristic city Abstract   PDF
Donatella Privitera, Sandro Privitera
No 1 (2017) Landscape and sense of belonging to place: the relationship with everyday places in the experience of some migrants living in Montebelluna (Northeastern Italy) Abstract   PDF
Alessia De Nardi
No 2 (2016) Le répertoire sémantique du mot paysage Abstract   PDF
Guy Mercier
No 2 (2013) Learning and teaching with outdoor cartographic displays: a visual approach Abstract   PDF
Tania Rossetto
Vol 1 (2014) Looking for an international strategy for geography education Abstract   PDF
Joop van der Schee
J-Reading 1-2013 Making geography mobile: using location aware technology to improve student performance in physical geography Abstract   PDF
Pamela Cowan, Ryan Butler
No 2 (2013) Making politics – and science – through maps. The “Europa etnografica” maps of the Atlante internazionale del Touring Club Italiano (1927-1940) Abstract   PDF
Rafael Company i Mateo
J-Reading 1-2013 Mapping society: an ingenious but today outdated map Abstract   PDF
Edoardo Boria
Vol 1 (2018) Maps In/Out Of Place. Charting alternative ways of looking and experimenting with cartography and GIS Abstract   PDF
Laura Lo Presti
Vol 1 (2018) Multiphase procedure for landscape reconstruction and their evolution analysis. GIS modelling for areas exposed to high volcanic risk Abstract   PDF
Cristiano Pesaresi, Davide Pavia
Vol 1 (2014) National cases, international collaboration – an example from Finland Abstract   PDF
Sirpa Tani
Vol 2 (2017) Ocean citizenship. The time to adopt a useful concept for environmental teaching and citizenship education is now Abstract   PDF
Enrico Squarcina, Valeria Pecorelli
No 1 (2017) On uses of utopian maps: The Map of New Geneva in Waterford (1783) between colonialism and republicanism Abstract   PDF
Federico Ferretti
No 2 (2015) Pantanî Blog: Using ICT for Safeguarding and Sharing Indigenous Social Memory Abstract   PDF
Géraud de Ville, Grace Albert, Abigail Buckley, Kenneth Butler, Lakeram Haynes
J-Reading 0-2012 Parental nutrition knowledge, geographical area and food habits in Italian schoolchildren: is there a link? Abstract   PDF
Noemi Bevilacqua, Irene Fabbri
J-Reading 0-2012 Perspective on geographical education in the 21st century Abstract   PDF
Joseph P. Stoltman
Vol 1 (2018) Powerful disciplinary knowledge and the status of geography in Finnish upper secondary schools: Teachers’ views on recent changes Abstract   PDF
Sirpa Tani, Hannele Cantell, Markus Hilander
No 1 (2015) Practice and Theory in Geography: Experiences from international collaboration for teacher education Abstract   PDF
Gerry O'Reilly, Ruth McManus
No 2 (2016) Preparing and debriefing geography fieldwork: a scenario for open classroom dialogue around a core curriculum Abstract   PDF
Katie Oost, Bregje de Vries, Joop van der Schee
No 1 (2017) Pre-service geography teachers’ voices on the choice of spatial examples. Results from the first year of an educational design research study Abstract   PDF
Kathrin Viehrig
Vol 2 (2017) Proposals for the development of competences in geography by applying the IGU International Charter Abstract   PDF
Daniela Pasquinelli d'Allegra
No 1 (2015) Reading and interpreting the gateways in contemporary cities: an educational perspective Abstract   PDF
Caterina Cirelli, Teresa Graziano, Enrico Nicosia, Carmelo Maria Porto
No 2 (2013) Reflections on Geography Education in Europe Abstract   PDF
Henk Ottens
J-Reading 1-2013 Reflections on geography, its teaching and the possible function of Geoparks Abstract   PDF
Giuliano Bellezza
No 1 (2015) Remote sensing and interdisciplinary approach for forecasting and analysing the effects of hurricanes, tropical cyclones and typhoons Abstract   PDF
Maurizio Fea, Massimo Capaldo, Cristiano Pesaresi
No 2 (2016) Remote sensing and interdisciplinary approach for studying Dubai’s urban context and development Abstract   PDF
Maurizio Fea, Gino De Vecchis, Cristiano Pesaresi
No 2 (2013) Remote sensing and interdisciplinary approach for studying glaciers Abstract   PDF
Maurizio Fea, Umberto Minora, Cristiano Pesaresi, Claudio Smiraglia
J-Reading 1-2013 Remote sensing and interdisciplinary approach for studying volcano environment and activity Abstract   PDF
Maurizio Fea, Lisetta Giacomelli, Cristiano Pesaresi, Roberto Scandone
No 2 (2014) Re-reading Geography as a Pivotal Subject in Education by H. Mackinder Abstract   PDF
Davide Papotti
Vol 1 (2014) Re-reading Terrae incognitae. The place of imagination in geography by J.K. Wright Abstract   PDF
Davide Papotti
No 1 (2017) Re-reading "The Culture of the Cities" by L. Mumford Abstract   PDF
Eleonora Mastropietro
Vol 1 (2018) Re-reading The Geographical Study of Population Groups by M. Aurousseau Abstract   PDF
Maristella Bergaglio
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? Re-reading The Teaching of Geography by A. Geikie Abstract   PDF
Davide Papotti
No 2 (2016) Rethinking Geo-Ontologies from a Philosophical Point of View Abstract   PDF
Timothy Tambassi
J-Reading 1-2013 Rethinking GIS teaching to bridge the gap between technical skills and geographic knowledge Abstract   PDF
Stefania Bertazzon
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? Sardinian rebirth landscapes. An aesthetician’s outlook Abstract   PDF
Federica Pau
No 1 (2015) Satellite images and teaching of Geography Abstract   PDF
Javier Martínez-Vega, Marta Gallardo, Pilar Echavarría
Vol 1 (2014) Scale factor and image resolution: some cartographic considerations Abstract   PDF
Andrea Favretto
J-Reading 1-2013 Some keywords of J-Reading Abstract   PDF
Gino De Vecchis
Vol 1 (2014) Spaces and places fifty years after the Vajont tragedy Abstract   PDF
Gianluca Casagrande
J-Reading 1-2013 Special didactics of geography Abstract   PDF
Angela Caruso
No 2 (2015) Story Maps at school: teaching and learning stories with maps Abstract   PDF
Miriam Marta, Paolo Osso
No 2 (2016) Sustainability and Geography Education Abstract   PDF
Joop van der Schee
No 1 (2015) Teachers’ in-service training in geographic information system (GIS) and different integration behaviors in lectures Abstract   PDF
Jinn-Guey Lay, Yu-Lin Chi, Yu-Wen Chen
J-Reading 1-2013 Teaching and Researching with the GIS: an archaeological story Abstract   PDF
Paolo Carafa
No 1 (2015) Teaching Cartography with Comics: Some Examples from BeccoGiallo’s Graphic Novel Series Abstract   PDF
Giada Peterle
No 2 (2016) Teaching geography with literary mapping: A didactic experiment Abstract   PDF
Sara Luchetta
No 2 (2016) Technology clusters: A cross-national analysis of geographical differences Abstract   PDF
Graziella Ferrara, Francisco Ebeling Barros
J-Reading 1-2013 Territorial values and geographical education Abstract   PDF
Giuseppe Dematteis, Cristiano Giorda
No 2 (2015) The changing relations between school, food and agriculture. The case of the educational farms in Sardinia Abstract   PDF
Andrea Corsale
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? The crisis of the landscape, the crisis of the norms for the landscape, the planning of the landscape between uncertainty and second thoughts. A few basic issues Abstract   PDF
Anna Maria Colavitti
No 1 (2017) The emotional perception of landscape between research and education Abstract   PDF
Antonina Plutino, Ilaria Polito
J-Reading 0-2012 The empirical and rational teaching of geography Abstract   PDF
Pietro Sensini
J-Reading 1-2013 The environments of learning environments: What could/should geography education do with these concepts? Abstract   PDF
Sirpa Tani
No 2 (2014) The fight for geography in the italian schools (2010-2014): an updating Abstract   PDF
Gino De Vecchis
Vol 2 (2017) The International Charter on Geographical Education – a reflection on published research articles on Assessment Abstract   PDF
Chew-Hung Chang, Muhammad Faisal Aman
Vol 1 (2014) The International Geographical Union before its centennial: new challenges and developments Abstract   PDF
Vladimir Kolosov
No 1 (2015) The New Italian Glacier Inventory: a didactic tool for a better knowledge of the natural Alpine environment Abstract   PDF
Claudio Smiraglia, Roberto Sergio Azzoni, Carlo D'Agata, Davide Maragno, Davide Fugazza, Guglielmina Adele Diolaiuti
J-Reading 0-2012 The reduction of volcanic risk in the Neapolitan area Abstract   PDF
Roberto Scandone
No 1 (2017) The Smart City I Would Like. Maps and Storytelling in Teaching Geography Abstract   PDF
Paola Zamperlin, Margherita Azzari
No 1 (2016): Crisis of Landscapes, Landscapes of the Crisis. What are the Solutions? The smart city: urban landscapes in the current crisis Abstract   PDF
Silvia Aru
No 2 (2016) The transnational investment promotion community between Italy and China: an example of post Washington consensus neoliberalism Abstract   PDF
Tu Lan, Christian Sellar, Shuang Cheng
No 1 (2017) Tourism geography: a socio-cultural analysis Abstract   PDF
Graziella Ferrara
No 2 (2014) Towards a multimedia approach in geographical research and education. Reflections from the web-research “Al centro di Tunisi – Au centre de Tunis” Abstract   PDF
Matteo Puttilli
No 2 (2013) Understanding Our Changing World through Web-Mapping Based Investigations Abstract   PDF
Joseph J. Kerski
No 2 (2013) Une note sur l’Australasie d’hier et d’aujourd’hui : une comparaison fertile pour la didactique de la géographie Abstract   PDF
Dino Gavinelli
No 2 (2015) Unequal Geographies Abstract   PDF
Gino De Vecchis
Vol 1 (2018) Urban regeneration strategies in waterfront areas. An interpretative framework Abstract   PDF
Giorgia Iovino
No 2 (2014) Vesuvius, Pompei, Herculaneum: a lesson in natural history Abstract   PDF
Roberto Scandone, Lisetta Giacomelli
Vol 1 (2018) Visual geographies and mountain psychogeographic drift. The geography workshops of the Childhood and Primary Teachers Education course of the University of Turin Abstract   PDF
Cristiano Giorda, Giacomo Pettenati
No 2 (2013) Web 2.0 and Neogeography. Opportunities for teaching geography Abstract   PDF
Giuseppe Borruso
No 1 (2017) What next for Geography Education? A perspective from the International Geographical Union – Commission for Geography Education Abstract   PDF
Clare Brooks, Gong Qian, Victor Salinas-Silva
No 2 (2016) Youth geographies of everyday life. Methodological notes from a project of photographic storytelling in Fez Abstract   PDF
Matteo Puttilli, Raffaele Cattedra, M’Hammed Idrissi Janati, Rosi Giua
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