Sapienza Università di Roma

Lecturer on cartography and remote sensing



Member of the Executive Committee of the Italian Geophysical Association (AGI)

Honorary Member of the Society of Latin American Experts in Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Systems (SELPER)

Member of the Italian Association of Remote Sensing (AIT)

Honorary Member of Italian Association of Geography Teachers (AIIG)



University Education: graduated in Physics at University La Sapienza of Rome on 14 March 1968

Professional Career: 

1967-1978: at the Italian Meteorological Service  with responsibilities in the following domains (in time sequence): advanced instrumentation, weather forecast team, satellite meteorology, boundary layer studies

1978-2007: at the European Space Agency (ESA)

  • May 1978 - joined the ESA METEOSAT Programme at the European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) in Darmstadt, Germany
  • 1978 1982 - Supervisor of METEOSAT Meteorological Operations
  • 1982 1985  - Head of Meteorology at the METEOSAT Exploitation Department
  • Dec 1985 moved to ESRIN in Frascati, Italy
  • 1986 1992  - ERS 1 Payload Ground Segment Manager
  • 1992-1999  - Responsible for ESA Earth Observation Promotion at the Remote Sensing Exploitation Department of the ESA Directorate of Applications
  • 1999-2002  - Head of the Training and Promotion Section of Earth Observation Exploitation Development and Projects Division in the Earth Observation Applications Department, ESA Directorate of Application Programmes ; Responsible for and Technical Officer for the development of “Eduspace”, the ESA multi-language web site for secondary schools on Earth Observation, as a tool for teaching and learning
  • since 2002 till 30 April 2007 - Special Advisor on Earth Observation at the Head of the  Science, Applications and Future Technologies Department, ESA Directorate of Earth Observation Programmes, Technical Officer for Eduspace (continues), ESA representative at international working groups and projects on education, training and capacity building.



Earth Observation, Cartography and Remote Sensing,  Meteorology, tools’ development for teaching and learning Cartography and Remote Sensing

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