Caterina Barilaro (PHOTO)


University of Messina Department of Cognitive Science, Educational and Cultural Studies   (CSECS)
Full Professor of Geography
AIIG President - Syracuse Section (Sicily, Italy)


Referee committee member of the Journal “Semestrale di Studi e Ricerche di Geografia” – Scientific committee member of the Journal “J-Reading (Journal of Research and Didactis in Geography)” – Committee member of Cognitive Sciences, Educational and Cultural Studies Department – Lecturer and member of the PHD in “Tourism, Environment and Territory” of University of Messina – Founder and president of AIIG provincial section of Syracuse from 2004 – Member of leading National Geographical Associations and AGeI (Association of Italian Geographers) work groups.



Cultural geography – Relationship between Geography and Literature – Cultural heritage and tourism – Environment and Landscape Geography.



Researcher and associate professor for scientific-disciplinary field M-GGR/01, from December 2006 she works as full professor at Cognitive Science, Educational and Cultural Studies Department of the University of Messina, where she lectures “Cultural Geography” (Master degree in “Tourism and Spectacle”) and “Landscape and Environment Geography” (Bachelor's degree “Communication Sciences”) subject matters.
She also lectures “Landscape Geography” (Master degree in “Environment protection and management”) and “Cultural Geography” (Bachelor’s degree in “Environmental science and nature”) at the Faculty of MM.FF.NN Sciences (University of Messina).  
She has held the following roles:
▪    TFA lecturer A039 (Geography)
▪    Coordinator of  Master degree in “Tourism and Spectacle” (LM-49/65) (2008-2013)
▪    Member of the area committee 11 (Historical, philosophical, pedagogical and psychological sciences) (2009-2012)
▪    Faculty Evaluation Nucleus Supervisor
▪    Representative member of Science of Formation Faculty for Orientation and Tutoring
▪    Scientific Committee member of  “ICARO II-Messina” project
▪    Presidency council member of Science of Formation Faculty
▪    Guarantor professor for the Degree Course in “Education and Communication Technologies”, in Priolo Gargallo (SR), a branch of the University of Messina (2004-2008)
▪    Director of first level postgraduate Master in “Semiotics and Education Technologies: languages, methodologies, decision processes”, in Priolo Gargallo (SR)
▪    Judging Professor of research projects “FIRB – Future in Research”
▪    Organizer of a lot of national and international conferences on problems concerning with various areas of geographic interest
▪    Speaker and meeting organizer in national and international conferences
▪    Lecturer of  “Nutrition Geography” (Bachelor's degree in “Gastronomic Sciences” – Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – University of Messina) and “Territorial Geography” (Master degree in “Biology and Ecology of Marine and Coastal Environment” - Faculty of MM.FF.NN. Sciences)
▪    Author of a lot of publications on geographical research topics.


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