call for paper 2016


The organising Committee of the 59th National AIIG Conference launches an invitation to present a written contribution inherent to the main topic, which gives the title to the Association’s  annual appointment: UNEQUAL GEOGRAPHIES

Original contributions, selected on the basis of double-blind refereeing, will be part of a volume of  GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES, the online series edited by the AIIG for  Franco Angeli Open Access, the new FrancoAngeli digital platform – inaugurated with this very series of geographic studies – allowing a wide diffusion and easy accessibility by both authors and readers, with  strict compliance with the  ethical, scientific  and qualitative requirements.

The invitation is open not only to those working in sectors that are closely linked to geography (teachers and lecturers  at various levels of school and university, researchers, operators in the field of territorial planning etc.), but also  to all those involved in other professional, regulatory, scientific  and cultural contexts. On the basis of the subjective interests and their own cultural background and work experience it is possible to explore the spatial dimension in every sector, putting forward reflections pertaining to the education and professional training of the new generations too. Such diversified contributions will thus be made available for all the readers interested and for teachers and operators involved in education, who can draw from them in order to translate them into increasingly far-sighted didactic practice,  meeting the challenges of the contemporary world.

The impact of spatial differentiations, which can give rise to “UNEQUAL GEOGRAPHIES”, reverberates on matters  and issues  of various kinds, linked, just to suggest some possible lines of investigation, to: environmental sustainability; environmental justice (effects of the environmental crisis on the poorer populations, ethnic minorities and the communities that are the victims of discriminations; imbalances relative to  accessibility and the economic exploitation of resources, distribution equity etc.); health (inequalities  in the possibilities and forms of access to healthcare, difference of vaccine coverage in the various geographic areas etc.); equality of rights and the urgency for  a real inclusion in the differences of gender,  disability  and in special educational needs; human and social development; urban and existential peripheries; mobility and migratory movements.

The contribution, drafted strictly according to the  FrancoAngeli instructions to be found  attached, must not exceed 25,000 characters– spaces included–  and must be sent, by and not after 15th July 2016, to:

Gino De Vecchis (aiig President)

Daniela Pasquinelli d’Allegra ( “Tratti Geografici” Series Editor)    

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